Hyderabad To Medaram Bus Availability and fare Details

TSRTC has Put special focus on Medaram Sammakka-Saralamma Jathara. Over 6 thousand buses will run with aim of transporting 35 Lakh people to their destinations. Medaram jathara is recognised as Asia’s Largest Tribal fair. 

During 2022 Over 3845 buses served 25 lakh passengers and due to COVID tension less people were traveling. This time it is estimated that more than 30 lakh devotees will come to attend the festival.

Medaram Samakka-Saralamma Bus Availability

MD VC Sajjanar announced that 6 thousand buses will run with the aim of transporting 35 lakh people. 

From february 21 to 24 lakhs of people will travel to the fair. 

Special Buses will be run from the 18th of this month. 

TSRTC planning to run buses in 9 regions. Total 51 points from Maharashtra

  • Warangal
  • Hyderabad
  • Rangareddy
  • Karimnagar
  • Khammam
  • Adilabad
  • Nizamabad

2,650 buses are running in Greater Hyderabad.2,200 buses will be used for Medaram Jathara from 20th to 25th of this month.

TSRTC Bus Fare for Medaram Jathara 2024

From Hyderabad to Medaram bus fare is Rs.440 per person and Express bus fare Rs.550 per person.

From Warangal to Medaram Rs.250 per person.

These prices are only for men however Women will travel for free.


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