KTR New Look in Arjun Reddy Style

BRS working president KTR new look trending on twitter. A BRS fan edited KTR’s photo adding arjun reddy style hairstyle and beard.

KTR always look decent with clean shave and simple hairstyle, What if he looks like Vijay Devarakonda in Arjun Reddy movie, KTR’s mass look was shared on twitter.

In recent times AI is everywhere. Many users editing photos using AI and making them amazing. 

BRS Die-hard fan Edited KTR photo

BRS Working president KTR photo has been created in new look by using AI. A die-hard fan of BRS edited this pic and shared it on X(twitter).

KTR liked the photo very much and he shared it on his Official X(Twitter) account. He shared the photo with caption-

“Tweeting a digitally edited pic sent by an admirer of the Party

If only I could grow my hair and beard ”.

This tweet was viral on social media.


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