Mahalakshmi Scheme Impact:Special Buses for Men in Hyderabad-TSRTC

Telangana Government providing free bus travel for Women under Mahalakashmi Scheme. Women are traveling in buses with zero ticket. 31% women in Hyderabad are using RTC Bus to travel.

We’ve been watching videos related to incidents of fights due to overcrowding buses. It has become very difficult for men to travel in RTC buses even if they’re paying for the ticket.  In this order, there is a demand to run Separate buses for men. RTC took the issue very seriously and initiated a special bus program for men.

Special Bus for Men-TSRTC

Previously there is Women’s/ ladies special buses but after the Mahalakshmi scheme in Telangana now it’s time for special bus for men.

Free bus travel for women is widely accepted in Telangana. Due to this scheme buses are overcrowding and congestion has increased a lot in TSRTC buses.

Men are facing many difficulties. College goers are facing hurdles, So TSRTC started special bus service for men keeping in mind the youth crowd during peak hours.

Officials has started first men exclusive service on Ibrahimpatnam-LB Nagar route they also stated that this bus is running in view of large number of Engineering colleges on this route.

The First Special BUS for Men starts at 8:30 AM in the morning and last bus in the evening returns at 4:30PM.

Mahalakshmi Scheme impact on TSRTC

mahalakshmi scheme activated in telangana
mahalakshmi scheme activated in telangana

The number of Women passengers  has increased significantly after implementation of the scheme. A survey showed that percentage of women using RTC buses for daily travel increased from 52 to 81%.


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