KGF Yash Playing a Lead Role in jai Hanuman Movie

KGF Rockstar Yash is playing Hanuman Role in jai Hanuman Movie. A news is going viral on Social media. Jai Hanuman is Sequel to HanuMan movie. Prashanth Varma’s movie is still doing great at the box office. Fans are waiting for the OTT release of the movie. 

KGF Yash as Hanuman in Jai Hanuman Movie

A news is trending on Social media that Yash is going to play a role as Hanuman in Jai Hanuman Movie. There is no official confirmation from the team but fans are very excited hearing this news. 

HanuMan movie is a biggest Sankranthi hit of all time and not only in telugu it is also success  in Other languages.

Teja Sajja, Amrita Iyer, varalakshmi Sharath Kumar, Samuthirakhani are in lead roles.


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