TSRTC: Good News for Men, more Seats are Adding to Buses

As a part of Mahalakshmi Scheme government offering free bus travel for women across the state. Since the implementation of this scheme the number of women passengers has increased and men are facing difficulties in finding seats in many Buses. TSRTC already started some special buses for men recently, but TSRTC has taken another initiative for men.

Earlier there were grills between women’s and men’s seats. Those grills occupy 4 seats space so if the grill was removed extra 4 seats can be added to the bus. It is expected that more than 5000 seats will be added to 1300 buses. TSRTC also decided to bring the deluxe buses and express buses to the city and change their appearance.

More than 800 buses are ready and each bus has 45 seats. The buses are made ready for the city without grill setup.

After implementation of Mahalakshmi Scheme more than 11 lakhs to 19 lakh women passengers are using TSRTC bus service. So TSRTC planning to bring electric buses in the next four to five months. More than 500 electric buses are expected. 


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