Mahesh Babu Emotional Speech at Guntur Kaaram Pre release event 

Mahesh babu’s latest movie Guntur Karam Releasing on Jan 12th.

Pre Release event hosted at Guntur.Mahesh Babu speech went trending on social media.

Guntur Kaaram hero thanked each and everyone for the movie.

Mahesh babu first thanked Trivikram on Stage.later he appreciated Sree Leela for her  Dance performance and dedication towards the movie.

Mahesh completed 25 years of acting, During the event he shared this moment with fans.

Fans celebrated this moment very well at the event.

Guntur Kaaram Show timings-

Government already approved 6 shows for the movie till one week Starting from January 12th.Benefit show will be at 1AM and 23 theatres approved in Hyderabad.

Guntur Kaaram cast includes-Super Star Mahesh Babu, Sree Leela , Meenakshi Chaudhary.


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