Nestle India Splits Stock, Share Price Takes a Dip: A Look at the 1:10 Ratio Impact

Board of directors of Nestle fixed 5th jan 2024 as record take for subdivision Subdivision of stocks 1:10 Ratio.The stock opened lower and dipped as low as ₹2,657 on the BSE, marking a nearly 2% decline from its closing price of ₹2,711.60 on Thursday.

Nestle India Stock Split Shakes Up the Market

Nestle India board members has approved a stock split 1:10 ratio.Every 10 shares of Nestle you had will be 1 share now.This split effect will take effect on January 5th.

This makes the Nestle stock more affordable for investors.The Nestle share price has been in rise recently.Now this split will make the stock more accessible to a wider range of investors.

This stock split will increase trading volume in shares of Nestle India.The lower share price will make the stock more attractive to investors

Nestle India Quarter 2 FY24 Results shows us a significant increase in Profits i.e upto 9.6%(5036cr)

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